Hanno Pevkur // Candidate, CEV President

Estonian Volleyball Federation President,

CEV Vice-President & FIVB Board Member



Now is a critical time for European volleyball. 


We can continue on the path we have been on, and risk losing ground relative to other sports; or we can act now to protect our future.


Times are changing, and having been a Vice President of CEV for the past four years, it is now my absolute conviction that the CEV needs to modernise and adapt to new standards of transparency, fairness and innovation. To do this, we need a new leadership. 


Only then will the CEV become an attractive partner for governments, sponsors, fans and the media; only then can we grow the commercial strength and popularity of our sport across Europe. 


We can do better. We must act now to look after our future. For European Volleyball, the future is now.


Hanno Pevkur



A New Style of Leadership
A New Commitment to Development
A New Plan for Promotion


Hanno Pevkur (b. 1977) has been a volleyball enthusiast since a young age. A lifelong fan, he played the sport throughout his childhood and continues to do so to this day, as much as time allows! 


On the governing side, Hanno became President of the Estonian Volleyball Federation in 2012, a position he has remained in since. Additionally, he currently serves as CEV Vice-President for Development, also sitting on the FIVB Board.


Away from volleyball, Hanno has led a successful career as a politician in Estonia, previously serving in City Government and advisory roles, before becoming a MP in 2007. When in parliament, he as quickly promoted to serve as the Minister for Social Affairs (2009-12), Minister of Justice (2012-14) and Minister of the Interior (2014-16). With such positions, Hanno frequently represented Estonia at the European Union and has developed support across the continent for his candidature.


Hanno Pevkur is married and has two children – a son and a daughter.


16. September 2020

One Month to Go - A Chance for a More Advanced Future

In exactly one month, the Member Associations of the CEV will make an important decision about the future of European Volleyball. The CEV leadership appears, at this moment at least, to be insisting on holding...

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Hanno Pevkur

04. September 2020

Time to Listen to Our Federations

For too long now, it has been my experience that the CEV has been largely run by just a few individuals. As a Vice-President for the past five years, I have been disappointed in the role that the Executive Committee and Board of Administration have been...

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Hanno Pevkur

18. August 2020

Statement: My proposal to make the upcoming CEV Congress online

In just under two months’ time, our CEV National Federations will make an important decision about how they want the future of the European Volleyball to look. While of course it is always best when the European...

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Hanno Pevkur



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